Ford Focus 3 Replace the Engine Oil

заменить масло форд фокус 3

Unexpectedly, the owners of the Ford Focus 3 may see a frightening message about the need to change the oil. Do not worry and go again to change the oil (of course, if you have done so recently), as a rule, such a message can fly every 15 thousand km. if you have not reset when changing the oil.

How to reset the message about the need to change the oil

  1. Turn on the ignition

  2. Simultaneously press the gas and brake (so wait 5 seconds)

  3. The message “Service: Oil reset in prog” will appear

  4. Wait another 25 seconds for the reset. We do not release the gas and brake pedals.

  5. We will see a new message: Service: Oil reset complete.

  6. We release the pedals and ride calmly for 15 thousand km. will not get out again.